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Monthly Newsletter of July, 2011.
(Issue # 135)

Dear members of the Body Of Christ,

As we prepare to cross over to the second half of the Summer months, we reflect upon what we have accomplished during the first part, the month of July. Our actions, be they spiritual exercises, pilgrimages, social activities, reunions, trips, etc... should all be moments that will be remembered for years.

This past month, I dedicated a lot of time in compiling 23 reasons why non-Catholics should become Catholics. See http://www.catholicdoors.com/misc/23reasons.htm.

Why this compilation? On a regular basis, I have been receiving emails from Catholics who are trying to convert non-Catholics. They ask me what facts should be presented to Protestants when evangelizing to them? What truths should be placed before them to teach them that they have been raised in errors?

"23 Reasons why non-Catholics should become Catholics" exposes those errors. For example, while some Protestant religions teach to their followers that "the Holy Spirit gave the Bible to the Church," they fail to clarify that "the Catholic Church compiled the Bible under the guidance of the Holy Spirit." All the non- Catholic religions are using the Bible that finds its origin in the Catholic Church, nowhere else! How easy it is to leave the Catholic Church out of the truth in order to give credibility to their endless distortions!

If you are one of the many Catholic who seek to preach and defend the teachings of the Catholic Church, you are welcomed to use "23 Reasons why non-Catholics should become Catholics." Tell the world the way it is, Jesus founded one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. Men founded the other Churches.

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In the love of Jesus and Mary,


Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

July 29, 2011



I added 20 Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) to the website during July, 2011. 
There are now 500 F.A.Q. at your disposal.  The new topics are:

2 Types Of Contrition
4 Essentials Of A Good Confession
23 Reasons To Become A Catholic
Baptism During Lent
Blessings Of The Graves
Communion In The Home
Confession In Psalm 32
Confirmation, Is It Mandatory Or Not?
Friday Fasting On The Solemnity Of The Annunciation
How Early To Baptise An Infant
Joining The RCIA When Divorced
Marriage Between Cousins
Mary Magdelene
Other Names For Confession
Praying Before Meals In Public
Purpose Of Pastoral Councils
Saints Of The Old Testament
When To Anoint The Sick
Visiting Priests

You can review them at:



5 Catholic homilies were uploaded on the website during July. 
They were:

Aug 06, 2011; Transfiguration Of The Lord,
Aug 07, 2011; 19 th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
Aug 14, 2011; 20 th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
Aug 15, 2011; Assumption Of Mary, and
Aug 21, 2011; 21 st Sunday In Ordinary Time.

Coming in the first week of August...

Aug 22, 2011; Queenship of Mary,
Aug 28, 2011: 22 nd Sunday In Ordinary Time,
Aug 29, 2011: Beheading Of Saint John The Baptist.

You may view the homilies at:


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