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Monthly Newsletter of June, 2011.
(Issue # 134)

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

Greetings to all of you who seek solid food for their spiritual growth in Christ. Through access to the internet, Catholics undoubtedlly gain entry to an endless goldmine of Catholic resources. Unfortunately, while many resources are listed as being Catholic, such is not always the case. There are many non-Catholics websites that use the word "Catholic", which also means "universal", to deceive Catholics and indoctrinate them in their personal errors.

With the arrival of the Summer months, many will find themselves with spare time on their hands and consequently spending a greater amount of time on the internet. That extra time will provide them with the opportunity to search answers to the many questions that have been on their minds. Searching any particular subject, you may find yourself reading the answers on not only one, two or three websites, but on six to twelve different sources, only to find that the information does not always agree from one website to the other. That is an indication that one or two websites that you accessed were not Roman Catholic, nor loyal to the teachings of the Vatican.

The newly found contradictions will obligate you to search deeper in order to discern what is Catholic and what is not. In such difficult moments, you may wish to contact family members, friends, parish members, anyone who is Catholic and who you feel will be able to provide you with an accurate answer to your research. Afterwards you should be able to continue your spiritual journey on a smooth road according to the Divine Plan of the Lord Jesus.

Let us pray for each other, that the internet become a source of blessings to all of us in our walk towards the way, the truth and life in Christ.

In the love of the Son and His Mother,


Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

June 30, 2011



17 Frequestly Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) were added to the website 
during the month, 2011.  The topics were:

Choice Of Gift For A Deacon,
Day Of The Dead,
Distribution Of The Ashes,
Drinking Coffee During Adoration,
Drinking Water During Adoration,
Eating During Adoration,
Kissing The Pope's Ring,
Liturgical Color Black,
Liturgical Colors: Lent And Advent,
Omission Of The Sign Of Peace,
Origin Of The Rapture,
Purpose Of The R.C.I.A.,
Seal Of Confession,
Sign Of The Cross After Communion,
Silence During Adoration,
Status Of The Othodox Church, and
Validity Of The Tradition.

You can read about these Frequently Askes Questions and answers at:



Eight homilies were uploaded on the website during the month. 
They were:

July 01, 2011; The Feast Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus,
Jul7 02, 2011; The Feast Of The Immaculate Heart Of Mary,
July 03, 2011; 14 th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
July 10, 2011; 15 th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
July 17, 2011; 16 th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
July 24, 2011; 17 th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
July 26, 2011; Feast of Saint Anne And Saint Joachim, and
July 31, 2011; 18 th Sunday In Ordinary Time.

You may view the homilies at:


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