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Monthly Newsletter of April, 2011.
(Issue # 132)

Dear members of the family of Jesus,

How do you say "Praise to the Lord!" in Hebrew? Surely, you must know. Most of us sang those words repeatedly during the Easter Vigil and on Easter Sunday. Alleluia! Yes, Alleluia! During the celebration of Easter, we continuously heard the Hebrew word, Alleluia! Most of us joined the human and angelic choirs, sharing in the great happiness and triumph.

Our spiritual joy, the fruit of Easter, must persist throughout the year. Christ did not die and resurrect in vain. He died for our sins, your sins and my sins. He resurrected as evidence of what awaits those who are faithful to His Divine teachings. For if Christ has not been raised, our faith is futile and we are still in our sins. [1 Cor. 15:17]

Our daily words, thoughts and actions must reflect our spiritual joy. We must continually feed our spirit so Christ's joy that dwells within us shall never depart from our souls. Christ giveth, not to abandon, but to feed in order to gain spiritual growth that leads to eternal salvation.

During the weeks to come, let us support one another in our spiritual journey towards the heavenly Kingdom. Let us feed our spiritual joy through the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist whenever the opportunity presents itself. And let us encourage our brothers and sisters to keep the same pace that our spiritual growth enjoy, ensuring that no one is left behind.

May the grace of God shine endlessly on all of you.

In the love of Christ,


Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

April 30, 2011



I added 20 Frequestly Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) to the website 
during April, 2011.  The different topics consisted of:

Communion Basket,
Communion To Head Of States,
Communion To Protestants,
Cross Veiled On Good Friday To Easter Vigil,
Dancing During Mass,
Dipping Of The Host In The Chalice,
First Communion And Confession,
Genuflecting When Passing The Eucharist,
Images Of Saints In The Church,
Kneeling At Consecration When There Are No Kneelers,
Liturgical Color Blue,
Liturgical Colors,
Mass Stipends For Novenas,
Placing Of The Tabernacle,
Posture After Communion,
Presence Of The Cross During The Holy Mass,
Purification Of The Vessels,
Quality Of The Chalice,
Resurrected Christ On The Cross, and
Standing Around The Altar During Communion.

You can read about these Frequently Askes Questions and answers at:



Six homilies were uploaded on the website during April, 2011. 
They were:

May 01, 2011; 2 nd Sunday After Easter,
May 08, 2011; 3 th Sunday After Easter,
May 15, 2011; 4 th Sunday After Easter,
May 22, 2011; 5 th Sunday After Easter, 
May 29, 2011; 6 th Sunday After Easter, and
May 31, 2011; Visitation Of Mary.

You may view the homilies at:


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