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Monthly Newsletter of February, 2011.
(Issue # 130)

Dear children of God,

As we enter the month of March, we are uniting ourselves to the billion of worldwide Catholics who will be preparing themselves for the liturgical Season of Lent. On March 9 th, Ash Wednesday will open the door to a long period of fasting, sacrifices and reflections.

During this special time, the gospel is calling on us to change and grow. Habits are not easy to change. Yet the events of life are constantly calling us to change our ways. Lent calls us to renew our commitment to ourselves, to the people we encounter in our day-to-day lives and to our God.

May this be the season when we will respond wholeheartedly to the grace of God that is calling us to once again turn away from our sins and be ever more faithful to God's call in our lives.

May the peace and joy of the Lord shine in your home.

In the love of Christ,


Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

February 28, 2011



During the past few weeks, I added another 18 F.A.Q. to the website.  
The answers to those questions are found at the link located below:

Baptism By Blood: Abortion,
Baptism By Blood: Meaning,
Blessing Versus Communion,
Communion Response,
Cradle Catholic,
Definition Of A Christian,
Marriage Convalidation,
The First Commandment,
The Second Commandment,
The Third Commandment,
The Fourth Commandment,
The Fifth Commandment,
The Sixth Commandment,
The Seventh Commandment,
The EIght Commandment,
The Ninth Commandment,
The Tenth Commandment, and
Who Can Preach.

You can review the Frequently Asked Questions and answers at:



Only 5 homilies were uploaded to the website for the upcoming months. 
They were:

March 27, 2011; 3 rd Sunday Of Lent,
April 03, 2011; 4 th Sunday Of Lent,
April 10, 2011; 5 th Sunday Of Lent,
April 17, 2011; Passion (Palm) Sunday, and
April 21, 2011; Holy Thursday (Mass of Chrism).

To view or share the homilies, please visit:


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