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Monthly Newsletter of January, 2011.
(Issue # 129)

Dear members of the Apostolic Church of Christ,

Another year, another month, we are now well into the new year. What blessings will 2011 bring to the Catholic Church? Only God knows!

Last Monday, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI called on Catholics to use the Internet responsibly, warning the young not to trivialise religion online or replace human interaction with virtual communication.

"It is important to always remember that virtual contact cannot and should not be a substitute for direct human contact with people at all levels of our society," the pope said in a message to mark the Catholic Church's 45th World Communications Day.

The pope asked the younger generations to "make good use of their presence on the net" and stressed the importance of communicating in ways that are "honest, open, responsible and respectful of others."

In what appeared to be a reproof of users of social networks who create fake profiles or lie about themselves online, he said "in the search for sharing, for 'friends', the challenge is to be authentic... without giving in to illusions by building an artificial public 'profile'."

The pope also warned against the addictive nature of the Internet and the dangers of spurning reality for a parallel life.

"Being online can be a sign of an authentic search to meet up with others," he said, as long as users are "careful to avoid the dangers of taking refuge in a parallel world or becoming addicted to the virtual world," he said.

Keeping this in mind, and sharing it with others, let us not forget our obligations as Catholics to walk in a Christlike manner in all our actions, including those on the internet. Let us not hide behind a faceless technology where many take the liberty of saying things to others that would never be said if one was communicating face to face. Let us pray for all the internet users, that they may be led by the Holy Spirit to display charity towards others in all their contacts, all for the glory of God the Father.

May the peace of Christ be with you.

In the love of Jesus,


Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

January 31, 2011



During January, 2011, I added another 12 F.A.Q. to the website.  
The answers to those questions are found at the link located below:

Blessed Objects In The Home,
Blessing By Electronic Broadcast,
Christ Resurrected On The Crucifix,
Fasting After Communion,
Marriage: Adulteress Affair,
Marriage: Children's Access To Both Parents,
Marriage: Divorce,
Marriage: Separation,
Mass For The Souls Of Non-Catholics,
Medjugorje: Cause Of Division,
Proper Location For A Catholic Marriage, and
The Cross Versus The Crucifix.

You can review the Frequently Asked Questions and answers at:



Twelve homilies were uploaded on the website for the upcoming months. 
They are:

February 02, 2011; Presentation Of The Lord,
February 06, 2011; 5 Th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
February 11, 2011; Our Lady Of Lourdes,
February 13, 2011; 6 Th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
February 20, 2011; 7 Th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
February 27, 2011; 8 Th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
March 06, 2011; 9 th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
March 09, 2011; Ash Wednesday,
March 13, 2011; 1 st Sunday Of Lent,
March 19, 2011; St Joseph, Husband Of The Blessed Virgin Mary,
March 20, 2011; 2 nd Sunday Of Lent,
March 25, 2011; The Annunciation Of The Lord.

To view or share the homilies, please visit:



Only 3 prayers were uploaded to the website during January.  They were:

Advent Prayer # 7,
Advent Prayer # 8,
Advent Prayer # 9.

These prayers can be viewed at:


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