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Monthly Newsletter of December, 2010.
(Issue # 128)

Dear children of Almighty God,

With the closing of year 2010 comes the end of the sixth year of the reigh of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. As in recent years, the Catholic Church has persisted among persecution of all kinds and scandals that rocked the Church and the priesthood. Albeit, no matter the strength of the enemy, the gates of Hell shall not prevail [Mt. 16:18] against the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church that was instituted by the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Reviewing Catholic Doors Ministry's online work during the past year, I have added hundreds of new files to supplement the abundance of spiritual material that already existed. Much of this material falls in the category of educational. Why educational? It is because it educates Catholics and non-Catholic about the living faith that leads to salvation. Because of the basis teaching and simple English that I use, visitors have come from a number of different religions, using the material according to their needs.

As sad as it is to say, some visitors, including ministers of the Word of God, have stolen copyrighted material such as the Bible Courses and uploaded it on their websites under their own name. Dealing with this matter has taken much time and often led to the closing down of "alleged christian" websites because the copyright thieves would not remove the material from their websites. I guess some believe that because they are located on the other side of the world, no one will discover their illegal activities. Such is not the case.

Considering the pro and cons that are involved in the management of an online ministry, I must say that the good fruits outweights the negative actions of a few who seek to annoy, discredit, destroy, and steal. Many have benefitted from Catholic Doors Ministry as stated in the Guest Book posting. It is this feedback that encourages one to persist in this good work.

I wish to take this opportunity to wish you all a blessed year 2011, spiritual growth in accordance with the grace of God, peace in your homes and in your community environment, and all the unique blessings that the Lord Jesus wishes to bestow upon each and everyone of you.

In the love of Jesus and Mary,


Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

December 31, 2010



During December, 2010, 10 homilies were added to the 
directory of homilies.  The new additions were:

December 25, 2010; Christmas Mass At Dawn,
December 25, 2010; Christmas Mass During The Day,
December 26, 2010; Holy Family Sunday,
January 01, 2011; Mary, Mother Of God,
January 02, 2011; Epiphany Sunday,
January 03, 2011; Most Holy Name Of Jesus,
January 09, 2011; Baptism Of Jesus,
January 16, 2011; 2 nd Sunday In Ordinary Time,
January 23, 2011; 3 rd Sunday In Ordinary Time, and
January 30, 2011; 4 th Sunday In Ordinary Time.

To view the homilies, please follow the following link:



During December, 2010, 16 new Litanies were added to the 
collection of Litanies for a new total of 227 Litanies. 
The new additions are:

Litany For A Good Death.
Litany For Life.
Litany In Honor Of Saint Peregrine,
Litany In Response To Abortion,
Litany Of Blessed Mother Maria Of The Lord Jesus the Good Shepherd, Franciszka Siedliska.
Litany Of Jesuit Saints.
Litany Of Penance,
Litany Of Saint Michael Of The Saints,
Litany Of The Holy Mother Immaculately Conceived,
Litany Of The Martyrs,
Litany Of The Passion # 3,
Litany Of The saints - Traditional,
Litany Of The Sweet Name Of Jesus,
Litany Of The Twelve Promises,
The Crown Of Twelve Stars Litany, and
The Dominican Rite Litany.

To view the new Litanies, please click on the following link:



32 prayers were added to the website during the month.  The website now
has 3,357 different prayers.  The new ones are:

Advent Prayer # 6.
After Breakfast During The Christmas Season,
After The Death Of A Loved One ,
Ash Wednesday Prayer # 4,
Before Breakfast During The Christmas Season,
Before Studying (St. Thomas Aquinas # 3),
Before Studying # 1,
Christmas Prayer # 4,
Christmas Prayer # 5,
Christmas Vigil Prayer # 1,
Christmas Vigil Prayer # 2.
For A Meeting of Directors.
For A Particular Soul # 2.
For A Particular Soul # 3,
For A Particular Soul # 4,
For A Particular Soul # 5.
For A Special Need.
For Any Necessity.
For Christmas Dawn # 1,
For Christmas Dawn # 2.
For Life,
For Midnight Mass # 1.
For Midnight Mass # 2,
For Peace Of Mind,
For The Deceased Person And For Mourners,
For The Feast Of The Chair Of Saint Peter,
For The First Monday In Lent,
For The Tuesday In The First Week In Lent,
For The Thursday In The First Week Of Lent.
For The Second Monday In Lent,
Pious Invocations, and
Rite Of Eucharistic Devotion: Reposition.

You can view all of the prayers under the index at:


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