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Monthly Newsletter of April, 2010.
(Issue # 120)

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Once upon a time, there was a pious God fearing old man who had been blessed with many sons. And his sons also had an aboundance of sons. This holy family flourished under the watchful eyes of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

As the years passed, a handful of the old man's sons and grandsons turned against God. Through their sins, they greatly offended God. Through their sins, they damaged the good family name. Through their sins, they deeply hurt each and every member of the family.

Because of the sins of a few, the entire family, including the old man, were accused of the sins of their relatives. They were slandered by the media. Some received hate mail while others were physically assaulted. Each and every member of the family personally experienced tremendous undeserved hatred.

The aforementioned family represented the Catholic Church. The God fearing old man represents the Pope, God's ambassador on earth. The sons represent the Bishops. The grandsons represent the 400,000 priests of the world.

Because of the sins of a handful of priests who fell from the grace of God during a certain time frame of history, some of those sins having been committed 30, 40 or even 50 years ago, today's Pope and priests are experiencing tremendous hatred against them.

If you were a grandfather or a grandmother, would it be fair if you were blamed for the sins of one of your children or grandchildren? Would it be fair if you were blamed for the sins of your parents or your brother? Would it be fair if you were blamed for the sins of your cousins? No, surely not!

Justice dictates that each sinner must accept responsiblity of his own sins? And no one must judge others, even less falsely accuse someone. "For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." [Mt. 7:2]

From this it can be concluded that those who slander the Holy Father of the Catholic Church and its hundreds of thousands of innocent priests, they shall be judged by the same measure that they judge others. By attacking the Catholic Church, they are personally attacking Jesus Christ, the Founder of the Church. The hatred that they display towards the innocent of the Catholic Church, it is hatred that they display towards Jesus Christ, He Who is the Judge of all.

During the upcoming weeks that will see the closing of the Year of the Priest, let us pray for our righteous priests that they may have the strength to persevere during these days of severe persecution.

Let us also pray for those who have been victimized by the sins of priests who have failed them. Let us pray for the spiritual healing of these victims, that they may find it in their hearts to forgive the sinners. Let us pray for those who display tremendous hatred towards the Catholic Church because of the sins of a few members of the clergy. And finally, let us pray for the priests who have fallen from grace, that they may be reconciled with God and the Church.

In the love of Jesus,


Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

April 30, 2010



Three new topics were added under apologetics during the past month.  I hope you 
enjoy reading these.  They are:

The Eucharist: The Real Presence,
The Eucharist: The Body And Blood Of Christ, and
The Church Is The Pillar And Bulwark Of The Truth.

You can find these topis at:



2 more F.A.Q. were added to the website during the past month.
They are:

Marriage Before A Justice Of The Peace, and
Changing One's Name On A Baptismal Certificate.

You can review the questions and answers at:



During April, I added on the website 7 more subjects on the richness 
of the Catholic faith.  Those subjects are:

The Fish Symbol In The Catholic Church,
The Tenebrae Service,
The Triduum,
The Responsorial Psalm,
Thomas' Doubt,
The Sacrament Of Penance During Lent, and
Forgiving And Being Forgiven.

You can read these articles at:



The May homilies were uploaded on the website during the past month.
They are:

May 02, 2010; Fifth Sunday Of Easter,
May 09, 2010; Sixth Sunday Of Easter,
May 16, 2010; Ascension Of The Lord,
May 23, 2010; Pentecost Sunday,
May 30, 2010; Trinity Sunday, and
May 31, 2010; Visitation Of Mary.

To view or share the homilies, please visit:



21 prayers were added to the website during April, 2010.  The website now has 
a total of 3246 different prayers for all your needs.  The new prayers are:

Easter Season Solemn Blessing,
Easter Sunday Solemn Blessing,
Lenten Prayer Before Meal (Morning),
Lenten Prayer Before Meal (Evening),
Lenten Thanksgiving Prayer After The Meal (Morning),
Lenten Thanksgiving Prayer After The Meal (Evening),
Litany To St. Roch,
Passion Sunday Solemn Blessing,
Prayer To St. Charles Borromeo,
Prayer To St. Clement Mary Hofbauer,
Prayer To St. Alphonsus Liguori,
Prayer To St. Agnes # 1,
Prayer To St. Agnes # 2,
Prayer To St. Agnes # 3,
Prayer To St. Agnes # 4,
Prayer To St. Agnes # 5,
Prayer To St. Agnes # 6,
Prayer To St. Andrew # 3,
Prayer To St. Andrew # 4,
Prayer To St. Andrew # 5,
Prayer To St. Roch.

You may view them at:


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