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Monthly Newsletter of January, 2010.
(Issue # 117)

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I hope that all of you enjoyed a great Christmas Season with your loved ones. Now that we are well into the New Year, we face a number of different spiritual and worldly obligations. Spiritually, with the approach of the Lenten Season, we are called to be reconciled to God. In a matter of days, Ash Wednesday shall be upon us all. This special day shall open the door to our holy obligation to consider daily fasting, sacrifices and reflection as sanctifying tools for our spiritual growth in Christ. I encourage you all to participate in this life enriching experience with your local parish that shall be richly blessed where two or more gather together to pray to the Lord God.

As you will note below, a large number of prayers has been added to the website. Emphasis was placed on prayers before a meeting and prayers for priests. The demand in these two areas has been great.

During the past, many have written, asking for a prayer that would be appropriate to a certain kind of meeting, be it at the Church, at school boards meetings, at City Hall or at work. At the time, the website was absent of such prayers. Now Catholic Doors Ministry offers a variety of beautiful prayers for all kind of different needs before meetings. Please use them and share them with your friends.

Also, many have expressed their concern regarding the shortage of priests that continues to grow in North America and other English speaking countries. Many hospitals are now without Chaplains. That means the dying no longer have a priest at their side to receive the Sacrament of the Sick (Last Rite). Many will die in their sins, some being condemned to eternal loss because they left this world without the Sacrament of Confession.

We are a stubborn people. We refuse to kneel in Church when Jesus descends upon us at Consecration. Then we wonder why the Lord does not hear our prayers. Until such time as we change our ways and fall on our knees in humility before the Lord, many parishes within the Catholic Church shall continue to suffer the absence of God's blessings. God is with those who worship Him with awe.

Let us always remember that the Church, the House of the Lord, where Jesus dwells in the Most Blessed Tabernacle, is a place of common prayer and adoration. It is not a meeting hall, a social club, or a place for gossiping before and during our holy services. Yet, that is what is taking place in many of our Catholic Churches. Those Churches have become people centered facilites versus being Christ centered Churches. Woe to them! They have yet to experience the spiritual suffering that awaits those who have forgotten the First Commandment. "The First Commandment requires us to nourish and protect our faith with prudence and vigilance, and to reject everything that is opposed to it." (Catechism of the Catholic Church # 2088)

May Christ have mercy on us all!

In the love of Jesus,


Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

January 30, 2010



Seven homilies were uploaded on the website for 
February, 2010.  They are:

Feb 02, 2010; Presentation Of The Lord,
Feb 07, 2010; 5th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
Feb 11, 2010; Our Lady Of Lourdes,
Feb 14, 2010; 6th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
Feb 17, 2010; Ash Wednesday,
Feb 21, 2010; First Sunday In Lent, and
Feb 28, 2010; Second Sunday In Lent.

To view or share the homilies, please visit:



57 prayers were uploaded to the website during January, 2010.  The prayers were:

A Philippine's Nurse Prayer,
Before A Meeting # 1,
Before A Meeting # 2,
Before A Meeting # 3,
Before A Meeting # 4,
Before A Meeting # 5,
Before A Meeting # 6,
Before A Meeting # 7,
Before A Meeting # 8,
Before A Meeting # 9,
Before A Meeting # 10,
Before A Meeting # 11,
Before A Meeting # 12,
Before A Meeting # 13,
Before A Meeting # 14,
Before A Meeting # 15,
Before A Meeting # 16,
Before A Meeting # 17,
Before A Meeting # 18,
Catholic Nurse Prayer,
Daily Offering Of The Holy Trinity For Priests,
Eucharistic Prayer For Priests,
For A Particular Priest,
For Confidence In The Storm,
For Doctors,
For Joyful Priests,
For My Vocation # 3,
For People With Limitations,
For Priests # 30,
For Priests # 31,
For Priests # 32,
For Priests # 33,
For Priests # 36,
For Priests # 37,
For Priests # 38,
For Priests # 39 By St. Therese Of The Child Jesus,
For Priests # 40,
For Priests by Pope John-Paul II,
For Priests (For Strength In Weakness),
For The Protection Of Our Priests,
For The Sick # 3,
For Vocations # 16,
For Vocations # 17,
For Vocations # 18,
Nurse Prayer # 2,
O Mary, Queen Of Peace,
Offering Of The Sick For Vocations,
Send Your Angel To Mass,
Thanksgiving To Saint Francis Of Assisi,
To Mary For Priests,
To Saint Gabriel Of Our Lady Of Sorrows,
To Saint Joseph For Priests,
To Saint Joseph For The Church,
To saint Paul The Apostle For Priests # 1,
To saint Paul The Apostle For Priests # 2,
To saint Paul The Apostle For Priests # 3, and
To The Virgin Of The Magnificat.

All of these prayers can be found under the index of prayers at:


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