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Monthly Newsletter of November, 2009.
(Issue # 115)

Dear friends of Jesus,

During the past few days, we have entered a new Liturgical Calendar. The liturgical year, also known as the Christian year, consists of three cycles of liturgical seasons, "A," "B" and "C" (2009-2010), these determining when the Feasts, Memorials, Commemorations, and Solemnities are to be observed during the Calendar Year and which portions of Scripture are to be read.

Also, distinct liturgical colours may appear in connection with different seasons of the liturgical year. For example, during advent, the colour violet is used most of the time until Christmas.

Advent is a season of the Christian Church; it means "coming." There are 3 types of coming. There is the coming celebration of Christmas which commemorates the First Coming of Jesus. There is the Second Coming, when all shall be judged at the end of the physical world. And there is one's personal coming to Christ through physical death. All of us will experience one of the three from now to Christmas day.

Christmas Day is the annual holiday that the Christian community celebrates on December 25th every year. That date of commemoration does not represent the actual birthday of Jesus. No one knows the real date of Jesus' birth.

Then, with the coming of New Year, a week after the celebration of Christmas, we will have reached the end of the calendar year and the beginning of the next year. We will have gone through approximately 5 weeks of preparations and celebrations. This liturgical season will enrich us in our spiritual growth, equipping us with the necessary spiritual tools to continue to preach and defend the Catholic Faith for the glory of God.

Keeping in harmony with the new upcoming Liturgical Year, you will notice that during the past couple weeks, I have uploaded on the website most of Year 2009-2010's Calendar Year, also known as the "Ordo." May this information benefit all those who are involved in the liturgical preparations of their local Church.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas. May the joy and peace of the Lord Jesus be with all of you.

In the love of Jesus and Mary,


Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

November 30, 2009



I added a new topic under "Frequently Asked Questions." The topic is:

7 Graces Of Mary.

To view the answers to any of the topics, please visit the following link:



During the past month, I added 17 of the upcoming homilies as follows:

Nov 29, 2009; 1 st Sunday Of Advent,
Dec 06, 2009; 2 nd Sunday Of Advent,
Dec 08, 2009; Immaculate Conception,
Dec 12, 2009; Our Lady Of Guadalupe,
Dec 13, 2009; 3 rd Sunday Of Advent,
Dec 20, 2009; 4 th Sunday Of Advent,
Dec 24, 2009; Christmas Mass During The Night,
Dec 24, 2009; Christmas: The Vigil Mass,
Dec 25, 2009; Christmas Mass During Dawn,
Dec 25, 2009; Christmas Mass During The Day,
Dec 27, 2009; Holy Family,
Jan 01, 2010; Mary, Mother Of God,
Jan 03, 2010; Epiphany Sunday,
Jan 10, 2010; Baptism Of The Lord,
Jan 17, 2010; 2 nd Sunday In Ordinary Time,
Jan 24, 2010; 3 rd Sunday In Ordinary Time,
Jan 31, 2010; 4 th Sunday In Ordinary Time.

To view or share the homilies, please visit:



I have started to type the webpages associated with the Year 2009-2010 Ordo.
At present, the following webpages are done:

December, 2009,
January, 2010,
February, 2010,
March, 2010,
April, 2010,
May, 2010.

You can view them at at:




I added 5 prayers to the website during November, 2009.  The website now
has 3,125 different prayers.  The new ones are:

Act Of Resignation To The Divine Will,
Ash Wednesday Prayer,
For The Seven Holy Founders Of The Service Order,
Honouring Saint Agatha, and
Prayer Over The Faithful On Ember Wednesday In Lent.

You can view all of the prayers under the index at:


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