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Monthly Newsletter of October, 2009.
(Issue # 114)

Greetings supporters, members and visitors of the Catholic Doors Ministry,

Sometimes, I ask myself, 'What is known about the 7,000 daily visitors who visit the Catholic Doors Ministry website?' Evangelizing online is not the same as ministering on a one to one basis whereas you see the face of the people. While daily website statistics say that the visitors are a rich and diverse mixture of people from all over the world, consisting of different races, colors and languages, such cannot be confirmed by individual contacts. This variety of people reminds me of the beauty of the Catholic Church. The mystical Body of Christ on earth, the Catholic Church, is indeed one family of the Children of God who are scattered all over this tiny planet that we call Earth. Praise be the Lord Jesus who has founded His Church that presently enjoys over one billion believers of every race, country and languages.

In many countries, October saw the arrival of the second wave of seasonal flu (Swine flu/H1N1). In some places, the flu arrived as a roaring lion and showed no mercy towards the children and the adults who had underlaying medical conditions. Let us pray that the Lord Jesus will protect His children during the months to come. All are reminded to take the necessary steps to protect themselves while attending Church. Many Dioceses have now discontinued the sharing of the Cup and the shaking of hands during the Holy Mass in the hope of stopping this deadly flu.

The month of October saw a very unusual gesture on the part of Pope Benedict XVI who has opened the door to the Anglicans. Disgusted with the Anglican Church's acceptance of same sex marriage and the elevation of a gay Bishop, these contradicting Biblical teachings, many Anglicans have approached the Vatican to ask if they could be invited to join the Catholic fold as a Rite of the Church. This matter is presently being processed. In the next year, we should be seeing at least 500,000 Anglicans converting to the Catholic Church. Praise God in His mysterious ways.

May the month of November be a blessed month for you and your loved ones. Let us remain united in prayers.


Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

October 31, 2009



The following movies were added to the Catholic Video directory:

Eucharistic Miracle,
Our Lady Of Guadalupe,
The Life Of Saint Padre Pio,
The Miracle Of Our Lady Of Fatima, and
The Song Of Bernadette.

You may view them at:



During the past month, I uploaded 5 of the November homilies 
on the website as follows:

Nov 02, 2009; All Souls,
Nov 08, 2009; 32 nd Sunday In Ordinary Time,
Nov 15, 2009; 33 rd Sunday In Ordinary Time,
Nov 21, 2009; Presentation Of Mary, and
Nov 22, 2009; Christ The King.

To view or share the homilies, please visit:



48 new prayers were added to the website during the past month.  The website now
enjoy 3,119 different prayers.  They are:

A Child's Prayer To The Immaculate Heart Of Mary,
A Father's Prayer,
A Meditation On The "Our Father",
A Prayer For Mothers,
A Salutation To Mary,
A Salutation To The Immaculate,
Act Of Consecration To The Immaculate Heart Of Mary (For Religious And Laity),
Act Of Entrustment To The Most Blessed Virgin Mary (For Young People),
Act Of Unlimited Consecration To The Immaculate,
Ascension Prayer,
Consecration To Mary, Mediatrix Of All Grace,
Consecration To Mary - Daily Prayer,
Daily Offering # 2,
For A Generous Heart,
For A Holy Death,
For Our Youth,
For Priests and Religious,
For the Entrustment Of The Family,
For Vocations For Homebound,
Graduation Prayer # 2,
Guardian Angel # 12,
Guardian Angel # 13,
Holy Mary, Mother Of God,
Invocation To The Holy Spirit,
Litany For Vocations,
Litany To Our Lady Of Knock,
Magnificat (Original),
Memorare Of St. Joseph,
Miraculous Invocations To St. Therese,
Novena To Our Lady Of Knock,
O Blessed Virgin,
O Jesus, Living In Mary,
O Mother Most Sweet,
O My most Loving Mother,
O My Sovereign Lady,
Our Lady Of Guadalupe,
Our Lady Of Knock # 1,
Our Lady Of Knock # 2,
Our Lady Of The Millennium,
Our Lady Of The Most Blessed Sacrament,
Parish Priest's Prayer to Mary Most Holy,
Prayer Of Blessed Anna Maria,
Rosary For Vocations,
Second Week Of Lent - Tuesday,
Second Week Of Lent - Wednesday,
Second Week Of Lent - Thursday,
Spiritual Communion With Mary, and
The Lord's Prayer For Vocations.

You can view all the prayers under the index at:


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