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Monthly Newsletter of June, 2009.
(Issue # 110)

Dear members of the Church,

With the arrival of the end of the month of June comes the beginning of the Summer Holidays for many students throughout the world. During this time, many Catholics view this period as a time for worldly enjoyments, a time when they should be able to set aside their spiritual obligations. Many of those who travel, they set aside their Sunday obligation of attending Holy Mass. They rationalize that since they are travelling and they are unfamiliar with the location of the Catholic Churches in other lands, they are not obligated to go to Church. While their inquiries have no difficulty in finding tourist attractions, no inquiries are made regarding their spiritual obligations.

Brothers and sisters, if we find ourselves in such an environment, it is crucial that we remind our Catholic friends that spiritual growth does not enjoy holidays. It is ongoing. Through our baptism, we are called to walk with Christ, through Christ and in Christ throughout the days of our lives. The salvation of the souls of our loved ones may depend on our reminder that there is a need to persevere in the blessed hope. Let us pray for the spiritual needs of those who are now on holidays.

During the past month, I have placed emphasis on answering "Frequently Asked Questions" on a number of subjects. You are invited to review the list below and to follow the link if interested.

During the coming month, may the grace of God manifest itself through you for the growth of the Church and the glory of our Heavenly Father.

In the love of Jesus,


Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

June 30, 2009



18 topics were reviewed in "Frequently Asked Questions" during
June, 2009.  They were:

3 Degrees Of Grace,
3 Types Of Baptism,
Carmen Humphrey,
Communion In The Hand Being Forbidden,
Conference Of Catholic Bishops,
Head Covering In The Church,
How Many Husbands Did The Samaritan Woman Have?
Magic And Sorcery,
Meaning Of The Word Retreat,
Number Of Jewish Commandments,
Pope Pius XI Condemned Ecumenism In 1928,
Purpose Of The Nuncio,
Sin Of Simony,
The Number of Books In The Holy Bible,
The Number Of Gospels In The Holy Bible,
The Reason For No Mass On Holy Saturday,
Vows And Promises,
What Age Is One Called An Elderly.

To view the answers, please visit:



The Catholic Doors Ministry website now has homilies up to August 23, 2009.
Six of those homilies were added during the past month.  The new additions are:

August 06, 2009; Transfiguration Of The Lord,
August 09, 2009; 19 th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
August 15, 2009; Assumption Of Mary,
August 16, 2009; 20 th Sunday In Ordinary Time,
August 22, 2009; Queenship Of Mary,
August 23, 2009; 21 st Sunday In Ordinary Time.

To view the homilies, please go to:



Three prayers were added to the Prayers section of the website.  They were:

Father's Day # 3,
Mother's Day # 1,
Mother's Day # 2.

You may read them by following the alphabetical index at:


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