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Monthly Newsletter of April, 2009.
(Issue # 108)

Dear members of the Body of Christ,

Once more, greetings to all of you who visit the Catholic Doors Ministry website. During the past month, this website enjoyed an average of 7,000 visitors per day or 210,000 visitors during the month.

When asking the regular visitors why they list the Catholic Doors Ministry as one of their top Catholic websites, many reasons are given. Some say it is because of the many prayers, others say it is because of the homilies, or the material helps them understand their faith and the list continues. But are these really the prime reason as to why they keep coming back to this website? After all, many websites have prayers, homilies, articles on the faith, etc... I believe there is a major factor that many Catholics identify with, but fail to mention it.

When I was a 10 years old boy, my family belonged to a Redemptorist parish. I remember going to Church on Sundays and not having a clue as to what the Redemptorist priests were preaching about. The priests used to say that it took them all week to prepare their homilies. For what? To combine a number of churchy words that few of us, if any, understood. I used to sit there and say to myself, "I wish the priest would go and sit down. I will go up there and preach in simple English so the people will understand what God and the Church is all about."

That is the major factor as to why so many persons, Catholics, non Catholics, and Catholics to be, enjoy the Catholic Doors Ministry website. There are no churchy words... it is in simple English. When the website started nearly eleven years ago, I remember telling my spiritual director that this website will be in simple English because that is what the people want - to understand. The proof of this is found in the statistics. I thank the Holy Spirit for always having opened my eyes to the need of the Church, and for guiding me in my evangelisation on the internet through this website.

A month ago, I started a mirror website of the Catholic Doors Ministry. That means that now, there are two identical websites on the internet. The new one is found at http://www.catholicdoors.net. You may ask, "What is the purpose of another website?" That is a good question. Once or twice a year, you may try to access the website to find out that it is not available. The server may have crashed, there may have been a power failure where the server is located, high traffic on the internet may block you, the server provider may be upgrading his service, etc... In such cases, there is no option but to wait, sometimes for hours. Now, if catholicdoors.com is not available, just go to catholicdoors.net for access to the identical material. These two websites are on servers located thousands of miles apart. So if one location has a power failure, it should not affect the other website.

As we prepare to enter the month of Mary, let us remember that this special month is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Many parishes implement evening Marian devotions where Catholics can gather to pray for those in need. Let us take that opportunity to pray for one another, that the Lord God may provide all our basic needs, and especially our spiritual ones.

In the love of Jesus and Mary,


Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4R4, Canada

April 30, 2009



During April, I uploaded some articles of interest.  That includes the complete Mass.  
The articles can be viewed by clicking on the links below. 

The Complete Order Of The Mass @ http://www.catholicdoors.com/misc/holymass.htm.
The Easter Triduum @ http://www.catholicdoors.com/misc/sacredtriduum.htm.
The Paschal Candle @ http://www.catholicdoors.com/misc/eastervigil.htm.
The Washing Of The Feet @ http://www.catholicdoors.com/misc/holythursday.htm.
The Fifth Sunday of Lent @ http://www.catholicdoors.com/misc/sunday5lent.htm.


I continued to answer questions to popular subjects.  During 
April, I added 9 subjects to the growing list of F.A.Q..  They are:

4 Bible Steps To Spiritual Formation.
5 Sins Only The Pope Can Forgive.
Catholic Cemeteries.
Changing The Words Of The Holy Mass.
Gender Of The Two Godparents.
Is A Homosexual Desire Is A Mortal Sin?
Meaning Of Easter Sunday.
The Validity Of The Sasturday Night Mass Attendance.
What Is A Monsignor?

To view the answers, please visit:



During April, only 4 homilies were uploaded on the website. They are:

May 1, 2009; Saint Joseph, The Worker.
June 07, 2009; Trinity Sunday.
June 14, 2009; Solemnity Of The Body And Blood Of Christ.
June 19, 2009; Feast Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus.

To view the homilies, please go to:



The Catholic Doors Ministry website now has 3,000 prayers that can be 
downloaded.  This goal was achieved when the following 18 prayers were 
added during the past month:

Adoration Prayer # 2,
Adoration Prayer # 3,
Campus Evangelization Prayer,
Easter Prayer # 4 ,
For A Loved One's Commission,
For Christ's Mercy,
For Life, Peace And Protection,
Holy Thursday Opening Prayer (Mass),
In Honour Of Christ's Passion,
"Our Father" For The Souls In Purgatory,
Peace Of Mind And Heart,
Praise For The Gift Of Faith,
Saint Bernadette Of Lourdes,
Short Prayers For Priests,
Sorrow For Sin,
To Imitate The Suffering Christ,
To Jesus , On The Cross,
To Know Jesus Christ.

You may view the index of all the prayers at:


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