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As in all the Dioceses throughout the world, the ministry of the Diocese of Kannur is to evangelize, to bring the people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ our Saviour. The Catholic Community is provided with the Sacraments on a daily basis. Catholics and non-Catholics are helped in many areas of needs, the missionaries performing good works that echo the Good News of the Lord Jesus.

In the words of Dr. Varghese Chakkalakal, Bishop of Kannur, "This is a mission diocese." As such, ongoing mission work includes the following:

- Maintenance of the clergy.
- Maintenance of the seminarians both minor and Major.
- Maintenance of 2 orphanages and a house for the street children.
More than 200 children are accommodated.
- a boarding house for school going children
- building new Churches
- convents
- management of the cultivations
- parish work

These are urgent needs that cannot be met unless funding is received:

- Desiring to put an OLD AGE home for the ill treated and neglected.
- Construction of a retreat centre for the priests, religious and lay people.
- To put up a new residence for the cultivation Manager and staff working in the field.
- A seminary villa for the seminarians.
- Construction of houses for the homeless.
The minimum of $2000.00 is required for one house.

The above reflects what Fr. Antony Pius Edezhath mentioned to me regarding his work. With 100 priests in the Diocese, I have no doubt, that the list comes nowhere near all the mission work that is being done and needs to be done in Kannur. Please help!

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