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(50 years after Vatican II)

When it comes to the subject of the Roman Catholic Church, there are four different climates to which the faithful associate themselves with. These are:

1. The Novus Ordo (The New Order Church) that was implemented after Vatican II. While this “Church” continues to slowly grow, thousands of its long-term members are leaving it on a daily basis because of spiritual dissatisfaction.

2. The Traditional Latin Mass, also known as the Tridentine Mass is the pre-Vatican “Church” that experienced great suffering because many have tried to extinguish it from the face of the earth. By the grace of God, this Traditional “Church”, one where reverence is found in abundance, is experiencing a revival as never expected by the Church hierarchy.

3. The Medjugorje “Church” has attracted millions of the faithful since 1981. Was it because of the alleged apparitions and miracles or because of the spiritual climate that is found in Medjugorje, such a spirituality lacking in most local parishes? As will be seen later, it is a combination of all of what I have mentioned.

4. The St. Pius X “Church” is a branch of the Roman Catholic Church that separated itself from the Novus Ordo “Church” (New Order Church) when it abandonned the Traditional Latin “Church.” This traditional branch of the Roman Catholic Church, by the grace of God, has experienced tremendous growth and is now spreading throughout the world.

Note: When analyzing these 4 different climates of the Catholic Church, we find that there is a common denominator that is found in 3 of them, totally lacking in the 4th one.

The Traditional Latin “Church” and the St Pius X “Church” are acclaimed for their reverence. The Medjugorge “Church” is acclaimed for its spiritual climate. The Novus Ordo “Church” is known for its cold, liberal environment that appears to be modelling after Protestant churches in the false spirit of ecumenism.

What does this tell us? It tells us that the faithful will travel a great distance, even thousands of miles to a foreign land, in order to be able to enjoy an uplifting spiritual experience that has not been available in the average Catholic Church / parishes since Vatican II.

By the grace of God, where there is present a spiritual climate of reverence towards the Lord Jesus, the Church shall grow. Where such lacks, the Church shall die.

What follows in PDF Format is a side-by-side comparison of the 4 “Churches.” When reviewing the factors involved, you will see the common denominator in 3 of the “Churches” and its total absense in the Novus Ordo “Church.”

May this be a message to the Catholic Church hierarchy that now is the time for a complete spiritual revival within the Roman Catholic Church in order to preserve its unity as One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

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