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Thomas is the one who did not believe, the one who doubted. Because of this he generally gets a rough deal. People who doubt are still called after him.

Thomas did not believe that the others had seen Jesus. Why didn't he believe? Was it because he found the others still sitting in their safe upper room after having seen him? Would it not have made more sense if they had left that room immediately after his appearance to announce that astounding good news to the world? Why was it that seeing him did not change their whole lives?

Maybe we touch here on the deepest ground of unbelief in the world around us. It is not difficult to believe in Jesus. They say that even Karl Marx had no difficulty in believing him. It is much more dificult to believe that his followers believe in him.

If we really believed in Jesus, wouldn't we live different lives? Are we really so different from those who don't believe in him?

Did you ever hear the story missionaries and evangelists tell in all kinds of variation? It is the story of the old Indian or of the wise African who says: "If what you say about Jesus is really true, why did you wait so long before coming to tell us?

All of us are surrounded by people like Thomas, people who wonder how we can say that we saw him, and yet behave in the way we do. They expect us to act the way we tell them Jesus did, and to live as he lived, putting himself on the line for a greater justice and a lasting peace.

[Source: Bulletin of April 11, 2010, St. Paul's Cathedral Parish, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.]

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