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This webpage contains links to general information about Lent. Click on the links below to access the information.

40 Days Of Lent

A Lenten Message From A Priest


Ash Wednesday

Baptism is a key to understanding Lent

Easter Candle # 1

Easter Candle # 2

Easter Eggs

Easter Lamb

Easter Lilies


Fasting And Abstinence


Forgiving And Being Forgiven During Lent

Holy Oils... What are they used for?

Palm Branches In The Home

Palms: Traditions

Paschal Fast


Sacrament of Penance

Stations of the Cross

Tenebrae Service

Fifth Sunday Of Lent

OUR HOLIEST WEEK Don't miss the best part! That's my advice to you. The liturigical services on Passion Sunday and the Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Paschal Vigil) are among the very best things we do in the Church. Don't miss these celebrations! Some are not familiar with the special services celebrated during Holy Week. They have avoided them because they are "different" or "long." Yes, they are "different," but isn't that to be expected? Special events in our lives - a daughter's wedding, a grandson's baptism - usually are "longer" - special events often are: that should not surprise us.

Passion (Palm) Sunday

The Easter Triduum

The Triduum # 2

Holy Thursday (Washing Of The Feet)

Good Friday

Easter Vigil (The Paschal Candle)


50 Days Of Easter

The Easter Date


Lent, For The First Week Of

Lent, For The Second Week Of

Lent, For The Third Week Of

Lent, For The Fourth Week Of

Lent, For The Fifth Week Of

Lent Prayer # 1

Lent Prayer # 2

Lenten Prayer

Lenten Prayer For Spiritual Renewal

Lenten Psalm

Lenten Novena

Litany For Lent # 1

Litany For Lent # 2

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