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"Sola Scriptura" means "the Bible alone." According to all the Protestant Churches that promote "Sola Scriptura," they do not need the Catholic Church to interpret the Bible. They do not need any priests to interpret the Bible. Each and everyone of them can read the Bible and clearly understand each and every word. It is that simple!

I repeat again, "Sola SCriptura means that you only need the Bible." Isn't that what they say? Isn't that what they repeat over and over? Isn't that what they teach to the Protestant?

Some time ago, a Protestant informed me that he had a big problem with that teaching. He said, "If we only need the Bible, then why do we have Bible Colleges and Protestant Seminaries? Why do we have Libraries full of books to teach us about the Bible? Why do we have Bible classes for our children? Why do we have Bible professors to put us and keep us on the right track? Why can we not just pick up a Bible, read it and understand it? Should my understanding not be the same as my father, my mother, my brother or my sister?"

"Why do we have 'Student Bibles' with commentaries throughout the Bible to explain the verses as we read them?"

"Why is it that my father can say, 'I no longer believe in that part of the Bible'? Then all of a sudden, his belief is no longer the same as mine. We all become as an island in the ocean, each one of us having his own belief. The 'Bible alone' teaching becomes insufficient. We need someone to clarify "that part of the Bible" to put my father and I on the right path. We need someone to correct one of us because one of us is wrong in his belief."

"If we need someone to correct us, then 'Sola Scriptura" cannot be true. It is a deception that any education person can perceive."

In the world, there is nearly 1 billion non-Catholic christians that represents over 30,000 different religions. You will not find two of these persons who believe in the exact same thing. The belief of parents is not exactly the same as that of their children. The belief of siblings varies between brothers and sisters. The belief of husbands is not exactly the same as that of their wives. The belief of ministers is not exactly the same as that of the church members. In truth, all they can do is find common denominators in order to stay together as a church. Because of the belief in one thing, they band together. But they may disagree on nine other things. The divorcees or those who support divorce stick together. The homosexuals or those who support homosexuality stick together. Those who support abortions stick together. Those who support same sex marriage stick together. All of this has nothing to do with the teachings of the Holy Bible. It has nothing to do with morals. It has nothing to do with what is right and what is wrong. It has to do with what one is comfortable with; that is what he believes and that is what he supports.

So you see, "Sola Scriptura" makes no sense. Those who promote it, they teach one thing but they practice another thing. Their actions are sufficient proof to renounce "Sola Scriptura" as the greatest deception to remove souls from the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church, the Church of Rome.

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