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Christmas celebrates the birth of the one person who has contributed more to our culture and societal beliefs than any other. Christ's divine presence on earth not only gave the world a path to spiritual salvation, it has also influenced the dreams and lifestyles of billions of followers. Our dreams, like the dreams of people in many nations, have to do with living a fulfilling life free from war and tyranny, and helping others to find fulfillment. We honor as heroes those pople who excel, who save us from war, who fight injustice, and who give their lives in the service of helping others. The teachings of Christ have formed our own expectations of what is means to live a life that really matters.

Christ articulared and modeled the Golder Rule. Human relationships are second in importance only to the love of God Himself. Christ modeled a plan of leadership that has seen His organization (the church) prosper for 2,000years (even though it has often deviated from Christ's ideals). Christ demonstrated positive thinking, possibility thinking, and management. He rewarded those who used their talents and condemned those who took the easy way out. He showed anger towards those who took advantage of the poor and praised those who shared their wealth with others. He demonstrated the strength of faith that can overcome failure, despair, hate, and ridicule. His model is being actively followed by corporate leaders, sports figures, statesmen, shopkeepers, and multitude of others in virtually every field of endeavor.

Consider this: It is worth your time to discover Jesus Christ for yourself. Any person with that much influence is worth getting to know.

[Source: Sunday Bulletin, St. Paul's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada; December 16, 2007.]

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