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This is one of many Applets provided by
Taiji Software.

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Are you creating a webpage? Frustrated with guessing which colour code is the proper one for your background or fonts? The HexColor Applet tool provides you with a preview of all the possible colours so you can choose the right codes to ensure compatibility between the background and fonts you are using.

To use the HexColor tool, simply move back and forth in the preview window any of the three bars between the arrows. As you move the bars, you will see the colours change on the right side of the preview window. At the bottom, beside the word "Hexadecimal," you will see the code appear for the colour that you have chosen.

To use that particular colour on your webpage, either as a background or as a font, copy the hexadecimal code on your webpage.

The background command is found in the line that starts with (body).
There, you will see (background="#000000").
Replace the (000000) with your code.
Save the page and then click on "refresh" on your webpage.
You should now have the background that you have chosen.

To change all the text colour on your page, in the (body) line, where it says (text="000000"), you must change the (000000) to the code of your choice.

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