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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Why is the Mormon religion considered a heresy?

A. 1. The Mormon religion was founded by a man by the name of Joseph Smith, Jr. In 1827, he began to gather a religious following after alleging that an angel showed him a set of golden plates that described the visit of Jesus to the native people of the Americas.

Those who follow the teachings of Joseph Smith, Jr, they believe that God the Father was once a man who became a God. They also believe that God and His wife, the Heavenly Mother, have physical bodies. They reject the trinity. Instead, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are considered to be separate gods. They teach that human can become gods. Finally, they teach that Jesus was the spirit child of God and Mary.

When the Mormon baptism was questioned as to its validity, the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith pronounced it to be invalid. It declared that the Mormon process consisted of erroneous practices.

When Joseph Smith died in 1844, his movement divided into several groups after a period of time during which contestants competed for the leadership.

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