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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is the "Henricians" heresy?

A. 1. The "Henricians" heresy had its origin with "Henry the Monk." Henry of Lausanne lived in France in the first half of the 12th century. He began to preach around 1116 A.D. and he died imprisoned around 1148 A.D.

Henry promoted the following teachings:

- The rejection of the doctrinal and disciplinary authority of the church;

- The recognition of the Gospel freely interpreted as the sole rule of faith;

- The refusal to recognize any form of worship or liturgy; and

- The condemnation of the baptism of infants, the Eucharist, the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass, the communion of saints, and prayers for the dead.

Written records from those days show that at the end of 1146 A.D., St Bernard called upon the people of Toulouse to root out the last remnants of the heresy.

By 1151 A.D., some Henricians still remained in Languedoc. According to Matthew Paris, the Virgin Mary appeared to a young girl. Consequently a great number of the disciples of Henry of Lausanne converted to the Catholic Church.

That was the end of that heresy.

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