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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is the Catholic meaning of the word "blessed?"

A. 1. To be blessed is the result of having received a blessing by a priest of the Catholic Church.

A blessing serves the purpose of making someone or something holy. It bestows them with a sacred nature, connecting the object or the person to God.

A blessed object is worthy of worship. It is held in veneration.

There are three main categories of blessings:

There is the blessing of objects such as a Church or altar, religious objects, food, animals, houses and schools, and the blessing of new ships or railroads.

There is the blessing of the faithful such as at the end of Holy Mass.

Then there is the title of "Blessed" that is used by the Roman Catholic Church before the name of a person who has been beatified. This is the third of four steps towards sainthood.

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