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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. I recently heard of a nine month Novena. Has such a Novena been approved by the Catholic Church?

A. 1. Every so often we hear that someone has authored a new kind of devotion that departs from the norms found in the Catholic Church. In the Roman Catholic Church, a Novena is a form of worship that consist of special prayers on nine consecutive days. There is a big difference between nine consecutive days and one day a month for nine months!

When a person prays a Novena, it is usually to obtain a special favour from God through the intercession of one of the Saints. The person expects an answer to their prayer by the end of the nine days. To wait nearly a year (nine months) for an answer to a prayer would be very frustrating for the average Catholic who is in need of a spiritual or physical blessing and/or grace.

Catholics are not encouraged to participate or promote nine month Novenas that depart away from the norms of the Roman Catholic Church.

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