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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. I am going to have my first child baptised. Who do I choose first as godparent for my first child? Should it be my grandmother or my sister? My mother would like me to pick her favourite sister who is my aunt. What are the rules regarding who goes first?

A. 1. When it comes to choosing a godmother and a godfather (sponsors), there is no rule as to who comes first. It is not a matter of who comes first but rather a matter of who qualifies to be a godparent.

If grandma never goes to Church, what kind of a Catholic role model will she be to your child? She is the last person that you would want as a godmother. If your sister married a protestant before a Justice of the Peace, it is obvious that she does not practice her faith. She would not qualify as a godparent!

The qualifications that are required to be a godparent are found here. Carefully read those qualifications. Do not rush into choosing a godparent. Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance on this matter. Today's decision will affect your child for life. Make sure that your choice will bear fruits in the years to come.

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