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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is the Catholic Church teaching on the subject of wearing perfume in Church? I know that some people are allergic to different scents and get sick from being near those who are wearing perfume.

A. 1. The Catholic Church does not have any instructions on the subject of wearing perfume during services. As we are fully aware, some people are very sensitive to different scents. As such we must take that into consideration when wearing any kind of scents, cologne, perfumes, using scented soap or powders, etc...

The question to ask is why would a person wear strong perfume when going to Church to worship God? People wear perfume for different reasons, some to be 'sexy', therefore intentionally enticing men to lust, some to draw attention to themselves, others to smell good around others. None of these reasons glorify God. They are all self-centered, concerned about one's image. Worldly ways have no place in the House of God that calls the faithful to grow in spirituality.

Because of the many who are allergic to perfumes, Parish committees should consider posting a sign at the entrance of the Church asking the faithful not to wear scents of any kind when participating in the services.

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