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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. It is my understanding that in general, the Catholics in Germany approve of birth control while they are against abortion. Doesn't this contradict itself?

A. 1. Yes indeed, it is a contradiction. If you approve of birth control, you are committing the act of abortion. Those who practice birth control while they are against abortion, they are in denial.

On February 3, 2014, the German Bishop's Conference informed the Vatican that most German Catholics disputed Church bans on birth control. "The Church's statements on... birth control, by contrast, are virtually never accepted, or are expressly rejected in the vast majority of cases."

As such, German Catholics expect the Vatican to introduce reforms. On their behalf, the Bishops in Germany have been pressing the Vatican to reform.

What the German Bishops and the Catholics of Germany are really asking the Vatican is to grant them a license to sin freely by changing the Church teaching in accordance with their belief.

What does this all mean regarding the Catholics in Germany? It means that the Roman Catholic Church of Germany has been reduced to a twinkle. It means that because the majority of Catholics practice birth control, they have all automatically excommunicated themselves from the Catholic faith. The Catholic Church of Germany has been reduced to a spark. The Catholic Church is next to non-existent in the German land. Its alleged Catholics are nothing other than heretics who should depart from the Church and go and join other religions that practice their heresies. The Catholic Church will not and cannot change its teachings for the purpose of saying "it is alright to sin."

In 2004, German claimed to have 26,297,000 Catholics. This number is greatly exaggerated because only 3% of that number abides by the teachings of the Catholic Church on the subject of birth control. This reduces the true Catholic population to less than 800,000 individuals in Germany. And if this remaining number rejects other mandatory teachings of the Catholic Church, their number is further reduced to less than 100,000 faithful members of the national Church.

Now you know why Jesus said, "‘Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate (to Hell) is wide and the road is easy that leads to destruction, and there are many who take it. [Mt. 7:13]

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