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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is the meaning of "informed consent?" Being single, when I go to the Hospital or the Emergency, they make me sign a form that indicates I consent to the treatment that I will receive. In most cases, I am never informed of anything. The nurses just proceed to provide treatment according to the instructions of the Doctor, this information not having been shared with me by the Doctor.

A. 1. In order for a person to have given "informed consent" to his Doctor, three requirements have to be met. They are:

- the patient must be told everything necessary for him to make a good decision,
- the patient must be able to understand it, and
- the patient must freely consent to it.

No person should exercise any kind of constraint on the patient to decide one way or another, especially his physician.

The signing of a "blank Form" upon admission to the Hospital does not meet the requirements of "informed consent."

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