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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is the Church teaching regarding Catholics owning a dream catcher?

A. 1. Dream catchers are objects that are based on superstition. On the matter of superstition, the Catechism of the Catholic Church states:

"The first commandment forbids honoring gods other than the one Lord who has revealed himself to his people. It proscribes superstition and irreligion. Superstition in some sense represents a perverse excess of religion; irreligion is the vice contrary by defect to the virtue of religion." [C.C.C. # 2110]

"Superstition is the deviation of religious feeling and of the practices this feeling imposes. It can even affect the worship we offer the true God, e.g., when one attributes an importance in some way magical to certain practices otherwise lawful or necessary. To attribute the efficacy of prayers or of sacramental signs to their mere external performance, apart from the interior dispositions that they demand, is to fall into superstition." [C.C.C. # 2111]

The display of a "dream catcher" in your home is no different than the display of a Buddha as a decoration. While you may not believe in the superstition of a "dream catcher," desiring to own one simply as a decoration, such ownership may offend your Catholic parents or influence relatives and/or friends in obtaining one because of the belief related to them.

As a Catholic who should be faithful to his religion, you should not promote, buy, possess, sell or trade dreamcatchers.

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