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Frequently Asked Questions
(7 Deadly Sins)

Q. 1. How many Capital Sins are there?

A. 1. The Catholic Church teaches that there are 7 Capital Sins.

Q. 2. What are the Capital Sins?

A. 2. They are:

Capital Sin: Pride
Definition: Unrestrained appreciation of our own worth.
Their Contrary Virtue: Humility

Capital Sin: Greed
Definition: Immoderate desire for earthly goods.
Their Contrary Virtue: Liberality

Capital Sin: Lust
Definition: Desiring (craving) for impure pleasures.
Their Contrary Virtue: Chastity

Capital Sin: Anger
Definition: Inordinate desire for revenge.
Their Contrary Virtue: Meekness

Capital Sin: Gluttony
Definition: Unrestrained use of food and drink.
Their Contrary Virtue: Temperance

Capital Sin: Envy
Definition: Sorrow over another's good fortune.
Their Contrary Virtue: Brotherly Love

Capital Sin: Sloth
Definition: Laxity in keeping the Faith and the practice of virtue.
Their Contrary Virtue: Diligence

(The 7 Capital Sins are also known as "The 7 Deadly Sins." They are those sins that give rise to other sins. They were first enumerated by Pope St. Gregory the Great in "Moralia in Job.")

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