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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is the Catholic meaning of the word cenacle?

A. 1. The French word "cénacle", is a reference to (a) the room where the Last Supper took place. For that reason, it is said to be a supper room, especially one on an upper floor.

The word cenacle, originatin from the Latin word "cenaculum" mean the "Upper Room." The first part of the Latin word "cena" means "dinner." Combined, the words mean "dinner in the upper room."

The word cenacle is also known to be (b) a retreat house for Roman Catholic women, such being directed by nuns of the Society of Our Lady of the Cenacle.

In the Holy Bible we find other references to the word cenacle, especially regarding (c) the washing of the feet, (d) some resurrection appearances of Jesus, (e) the gathering of the disciples after the Ascension of Jesus, (f) the election of the Apostle Saint Matthias, and (g) the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples on Pentecost Day.

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