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Frequently Asked Questions
"MATTHEW 24:34" and "LUKE 21:32."

Q. 1. What is your opinion of the end times prophecies found in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 24 and the Gospel of Luke Chapter 21?

A. 1. The two Gospels and their Chapters that you referred to are the most Protestant quoted parts of the Holy Bible when it comes to doomsday prophecies. And each Protestant minister who quotes these biblical passages, he does so based on his own personal interpretation.

Chapter 24 in the Gospel of Matthew and Chapter 21 in the Gospel of Luke have nothing to do with present or future prophecies. In both of those Gospels, Jesus states: "Truly, I tell you, this generation will not pass away until all these things have taken place." [Mt. 24:34, Lk. 21:32] Jesus made it clear that He was not talking about this generation or the next one to come. He was speaking about the generation of His time. And those prophecies were fulfilled within 40 years after Jesus had spoken them. When? When the rebellion of the Roman forces took place and the city of Jerusalem and its Temple were destroyed.

Let this be a warning to each and everyone of you. Do not be deceived by the thousands of false prophets who speak of the end times in the alleged name of Jesus. They have twisted the words of Jesus in order to draw followers who will blindly give them money for their worldly living ways.

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