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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Why is it that we can no longer have 15 minutes of silence before Mass? If it is not the welcomers who are speaking loud or gossiping among themselves in the back of the Church, then it is the members of the choir who are practicing until the last second before the start of the Holy Mass. It seems that no one has any respect for the House of the Lord. While Church volunteers should be living examples of the faith, they are more or less instruments of Satan, ensuring that no one will have a moment of silence with the Lord Jesus prior to the Holy Mass. This situation is so frustrating!

A. 1. When Church volunteers disrupt the faithful during their short time of prayer prior to Holy Mass, this is because the Pastor permits it to happen. The faithful are entitled to 15 minutes of silence prior to the beginning of the Holy Mass.

The implementation of silence before the Holy Mass should be a Diocesan policy that has been ordered by the local Bishop. Consider bringing this matter to his attention.

Mass attendants should not have to listen to choir members that sound like broken records, repeating the same verse over and over because they cannot sing it right.

Loud talking among the members of the choir or the welcomers has no place in the Church. Not only is it disruptive, it is rude towards Jesus and towards the faithful.

Instrument tuning and musical practices should take place during the week, not prior to the Holy Mass. These last minute practices indicate two things. First of all, it means that the choir did not practice during the week. Secondly it means that their service to the Lord Jesus will be of poor quality because they have not prepared themselves. Is that how we want to serve the Lord?

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