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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. During the past year, I read an article that kept referring to the Blessed Virgin Mary as being Divine. Recently, while visiting YouTube, I found a reference to a presentation called "Divine Mary." My question is, "Is Mary Divine?"

A. 1. When the word "Divine" is used in the Holy Catholic Church, it is in reference to God only. "Divine" is a word that is applied to the Creator, a Supreme Being. The Virgin Mary does not qualify for such a title. When a reference is made to Mary, it can be "the Blessed Virgin Mary," "Holy Mary," or by one of her many titles that are recognized by the Catholic Church.

When a Catholic, out of ignorance, calls the Blessed Virgin Mary by the title of "Divine Mary," that person creates problems for the Catholic Church. Such a title gives the Protestants sufficient reason to say that Catholics view Mary as a God and they worship her. Catholics do not worship Mary; they worship Jesus through Mary. Nor do they consider Mary to be God or equal to God.

So in answer to your question, no, Mary is not Divine. She is only Holy. At the same time, as some saints of the Church have received special titles such as "Doctor of the Church," the Blessed Virgin Mary has received endless titles because of her God given position as Mother of God and her ongoing role of special intercession to God for mankind.

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