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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Since Vatican II, I noticed that the Catholic Church implemented the ministry of hospitality which did not exist prior to that time, nor was it needed. This ministry involves the ushers or lay greeters that meet Catholics at the door when they come to Church.

Having travelled the country and attended Holy Mass at many Churches in different cities, I noticed common denominators among most of the ushers / lay greeters. They are:

- totally disrespectful of the House of God,
- they have no understanding of "silence" in the House of God,
- they are individuals who seek attention and fame,
- they have the bad habit of hugging everyone, every those who do not like to hug strangers,
- etc...

My question is, why has the Catholic Church allowed its standard to be lowered to this unacceptable level? The Holy Mother Church, once a place of reverence and worship, has become a place of disruption, disrespect, sensations (feelings & hugging). In summary, the ushers / lay greeters appear to be Satan's internal tool to destroy Catholic worship.

A. 1. I must say that you have presented your case very well. The concerns that you have shared above have been echoed by hundreds of Catholics who resent the ministry of hospitality as one that is nothing less than a useless ministry. Catholics have survived for 2,000 years without it; why do they need it now? In truth, they do not! It is a ministry that has created much division in the Catholic Church because most ushers / lay greeters have failed to show respect for those who come to Church to pray prior to the Holy Mass. And many do not appreciate being hugged by strangers who use the Catholic Church to apply their exaggerated sin of sensations.

Maybe it is time for the Catholic Church to re-evaluate the ministry of hospitality and its usefulness. Maybe it is the time for the Bishop of some Dioceses to discontinue such a ministry to see how the Holy Spirit shall guide the Catholic Church without it.

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