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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. A relative of mine used to bring Holy Communion on a regular basis to my ailing mother. During the last visit, it was discovered that my mother has passed away during the night. In the commotion that followed, the Consecrated Host in a pyx was left on the dresser beside my mother's bed and forgotten. Now, three months later, it has been discovered. What should be done?

A. 1. It appears that the Parish to which your mother belonged does not maintain a registry for the accounting of all the Consecrated Hosts. Normally the extraordinary minister of Holy Communion is required to "sign in" when he/she receives the Consecrated Host and "sign Out" when it has been returned to the Church or administered to the sick.

My recommendation is that you do one of the following:

a. Contact the local Church/parish and have someone who is authorized to do so, pick up the pyx with the Consecrated Host and return it to the Church.

b. If you are Catholic, you may consume the Holy Communion. Afterwards, you should purify the pyx in which the Consecrated Host was placed.

c. If the Consecrated Host appears undesirable to consume by eating It for whatever reason, It should be placed in a bowl of water and left there to stand for a few days until it disintegrates. Then, with great reverence, you may pour the remains in the ground by a tree where no one walks on the ground, or take the liquid to a Catholic Church where it may be poured in the sacrarium that is located in the sacristy. Either way, the priest should be made aware of this incident so a system may be implemented to ensure such an incident will not repeat itself.

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