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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. When I pray to God for all those who asked of my prayers, I sometime worry that I may forget someone who I promised in the past that I would pray for their special need. How does one deal with that?

During the prayer intentions at Sunday Mass, I noticed that even the Church fears leaving out an intention. The reading of the intentions goes on and on, even the priest adding a personal intention of his own at the end. A lot of these intentions are the same ones that are repeated week after week.

How does God view these two matters?

A. 1. God must be thinking that His children have forgotten that He is all-knowing or think that He is deaf to their needs.

Before you speak a word, God know what you will be saying.

Regarding the first situation mentioned above, God knows the names of all those who asked you for prayers in the past and their intention(s). If you forgot to mention one, God still remembered and considered their need(s).

If you conclude your prayers with "And all those that I have forgotten," you will find peace in your heart.

Regarding the prayer intentions during Holy Mass, it is reasonable to mention about four general intentions and conclude with "For all our personal intentions." Such includes all the unmentioned intentions of all those who are present, including the priest's intentions. God knows what those intentions are and He can read the minds of everyone at the same time.

The mentioning of prayer intentions during Holy Mass should never be turned into a contest to see how many intentions can be mentioned. Such offends God!

The priest should refrain from mentioning his personal intention. As the presider at Holy Mass, he has been appointed by God through the local Bishop as the instrument of God between God and man. He is not there for his own selfish needs.

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