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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. If a person is allergic to certain kinds of perfume, what can he or she do about it? What I mean is when going to Church on Sunday, on occassions, someone will come to Mass and leave behind them the smell of a strong perfume that leaves one breathless and sick to the stomach. Some people get a serious physical reaction from individuals who give the impression of having emptied a bottle of perfume on their body. And consequently, the victims of this abuse have to leave the Church, omitting their attending at Sunday Mass. What can be done about this matter?

A. 1. The first thing I would do is approached the Pastor of the parish and bring this matter to his attention. There are a number of ways that the priest can deal with this matter. These are:

- Approaching the person(s) who is wearing excessive perfume.

- Place an announcement in the Bulletin, asking the faithful to refrain from using perfumes during the Church services.

- Place a sign at the entrance of the Church, indicating "Fragrance free Church."

- Sharing the concern with other members of the Church for the purpose of spreading the word.

Everyone has a right to worship in an environment that is free of perfume odours.

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