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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Like many youth of the same age, my child is interested in going to see Justin Bieber live. In your opinion as a Catholic, is Justin Bieber a good example to Catholic youth?

A. 1. Catholic youth are called upon to imitate the holy life of Jesus Christ. They are expected to shine in high morals as models of the Catholic faith.

Having said that, did Jesus walk around crotch grabbing while in public? Did Jesus walk around with his pants falling off? Did Jesus have tattoes on his body? Would Jesus have gone to Germany with a monkey without a special visa as required by law? Would Jesus have walked around with a t-shirt that said “F**k You and f**k her too”?

Jesus did not display any of the negative behaviours that have been reported by the press regarding Justin Bieber. For that reason, the true fans of Jesus, the true followers of Jesus, His true disciples, all have high morals.

If you value the morals of your child, morals that have been handed down in your family, then you have an obligation to protect your child from the low morals that are being manifested in the entertainment world.

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