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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Can a non-Catholic have a Catholic burial? If a Catholic is married to a (baptised) Lutheran and there is no Lutheran Church for a hundred miles, can the Lutheran person be buried in the catholic Church?

A. 1. In the Catholic Code of Canon Law, we find,

Canon Law # 1183 3. "In the prudent judgment of the local ordinary, ecclesiastical funerals can be granted to baptized persons who are enrolled in a non-Catholic Church or ecclesial community unless their intention is evidently to the contrary and provided that their own minister is not available."

So if the non-Catholic spouse never indicated that he/she did not want a Catholic funeral, such may be granted because he/she is a baptised Christian who does not have a Lutheran church and minister readily available to administer a non-Catholic Christian funeral.

To answer your question, yes, a non-Catholic can have a Catholic burial.

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