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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. 1. Recently, I attended an interfaith meeting. Present was a member of the Islamic belief. At the meeting, we were told that all religions share the same God. Is that true?

A. 1. That is false! The Muslims do not worship the same God as the Catholics worship.

Q. 2. What do you mean?

A. 2. Catholics believe in a Trinitarian God, One God but Three Persons. The Muslims believe in One God and One Person. To them, Jesus is not God and the Holy Spirit does not exist.

Q. 3. Do Muslims hold other beliefs that are different from the Catholic faith?

A. 3. Yes! Some of these are:

a) The Muslims reject the Holy Bible, indicating that the New Testament is false and the Holy Bible is full of errors. They believe in their book, the Koran.

b) The Muslims ridicule the Catholic belief that Christ is the Son of God because they say God had no wife. (See Koran 6:110; 72:3)

c) The Muslims reject the Holy Trinity.

d) The Muslims ridicule the Catholic teaching that Jesus was crucified for the salvation of the human race. (See Koran 4:157-8)

e) While the Muslims respect and revere Jesus, this is only as a prophet and messenger to humankind. According to the Muslim, Mohammed was the greatest and last prophet who lived from 570 A.D. to 630 A.D.

f) The Muslims cannot be called Christians because they do not believe in Christ as the Saviour.

g) The Muslims believe that Jesus escaped death by using someone else as a substitute.

h) The Muslims claim that they have the authority to kill the infideles, those who oppose them. Naturally, this included the Christians who oppose their teachings.

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