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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. When the Cardinals gather to elect a new Pope, what will they be looking for? The media, which cannot be trusted most of the time, reports that some Cardinals want a liberal Pope while others want a Conservative Pope. Some seem to favour Cardinals that are very well known while others insist the elected newly Pope must speak a number of languages, including Italian.

Then there are those who insist that the Pope must deal with the issues of the child sexual abuse, homosexuality in the priesthood, same sex marriage, married priesthood, female priests, the renegade sisters (and nuns) in the United States, birth control, the liturgical abuses, the Vatican Bank, giving communion to those living common-law and the list goes on.

Among all this, it is said that we need a Pope who is a shepherd, a good administrator, not too old, a good politician, a good preacher, and again, the list goes on depending on who you talk to.

In other words, there is a demand for catholic reform. What do you have to say on the matter?

A. 1. First I would like to point out that it does not matter who is elected as Pope. If he goes in as a liberal, he will come out as a conservative. And if he goes in as a conservative, he will remain a conservative. No one, not even the Pope, can change the Catholic doctrines, the written doctrines, the Code of Canon Law, the Catechism of the Catholic Church or the Encyclicals.

The outcry for Catholic reform is indeed loud, but it mostly consist of the voices of a minority, Catholics, fallen away Catholics and non-Catholics, all who do not have a clue as to the teachings of the Catholic faith. What they want to see implemented are anti-Catholic practices that oppose the teachings of Jesus and the Word of God found in the Holy Bible. Such shall never come to pass.

Regarding all the issues mentioned above, those issues have all been dealth with by previous Popes. As such, there is absolutely no need to continue to discuss them. It is time for the new Pontiff to move on with more pressing matters that are on his agenda, namely to lead the Roman Catholic Church.

Allow me to share with you a question that has been asked to me by many good Catholics. "Those who are not happy with the teachings of the Catholic Church, why don't they go to the Protestant Churches that are implementing what they want?" They will not join the Protestant Churches because they know that those Churches are in error in their teachings. They just want the Catholic Church to change one or two things that relate to their sinful lifestyle so their sins will no longer be classified as a sin. Excuse me, but there is no such thing as a good sin. All sins are evil and they offend God!

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