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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is "Mission Mail?"

A. 1. "Mission Mail" is mail that is received from a Catholic mission on a regular basis. What is solicited "Mission Mail" to some, it is "unsolicited mail" or "junk mail" to others.

What happens is that when you send a donation to a Catholic mission, some of them, without your approval, sells their mailing list (your name and address) to other Catholic missions who are looking for Catholics who support missions. They in turn will write to you and ask you for $25, $50 or $100. In their correspondence, they usually include small trinkets to make you feel obligated to send them a donation in thanksgiving. Trinkets may consist of greetings cards, holy cards, medals, necklaces, miniature statues, return address labels, etc...

Regarding unsolicited mail from missions, you should know:

1. You are not obligated to support those missions.

2. You do not owe anything to those missions for the trinkets that were sent to you without your permission.

3. You may do as you please with those trinkets, keep them, throw them away, or give them to somebody else.

4. Those trinkets are not blessed.

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