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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. My husband and I have recently arrived in this country. We know few people, none being relatives of ours. The date approaches when my child must be baptised. I cannot find a Godparent to assist in the upbringing of my child in the Catholic faith. What do I do?

A. 1. Number 872 of the Code of Canon Law states, "Insofar as possible, a person to be baptized is to be given a sponsor who assists an adult in Christian initiation or together with the parents presents an infant for baptism. A sponsor also helps the baptized person to lead a Christian life in keeping with baptism and to fulfill faithfully the obligations inherent in it."

While your situation is a rare exception, it does happen. For that reason, the Code of Canon Law begins with the words, "Insofar as possible, meaning it is not absolutely necessary when it is impossible to find someone who meets the conditions founds in # 873 & 874 in the Code of Canon Laws.

Usually, under such circumstances, the parish priest can be of assistance with the finding of a Catholic member of the congregation who can stand as a temporary Godparent for your child.

During the Sacrament of Confirmation, you are entitled to change the Godparent of the child. The Sacrament of Confirmation, usually years after the Sacrament of Baptism, provides you with sufficient time to find a suitable candidate(s) who will act as the permanent Godparent(s) of your child.

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