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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is the relationship between the proclamation of the "Year of the Faith" and the "New Evangelization?"

A. 1. As explained on the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the "New Evangelization is a call to each Catholic to deepen his or her own faith, have confidence in the Gospel, and possess a willingness to share the Gospel. The New Evangelization is first and foremost a personal encounter with Jesus Christ; it is an invitation to deepen one’s relationship with Christ. It is also a call to each person to share his or her faith with others. The Year of Faith, just like the New Evangelization, calls Catholics to conversion in order to deepen their relationship with Christ and to share it with others.

Fourteen years ago, in 1998, guided by the Holy Spirit, Catholic Doors Ministry was blessed with the spiritual insight that was necessary to perceive the necessity to re-evangelize the many countries that were falling away from the Catholic faith. Catholic Doors Ministry was shown the need to re-educate Catholics in the basics of the faith. Many Catholics, no thanks to the media, had been misguided into accepting false doctrines. Accordingly, the baptised children of God were being led away from the true faith that was established on earth by Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

Catholic Doors Ministry provides a treasure of resources that can be used by Catholics and other christians who seek to gain sound knowledge of the Catholic faith, be it how to pray, the study of the Sunday readings through the homilies, Bible courses, hundreds of Frequently Asked Questions, and much more.

Over the years, by the grace of God, Catholic Doors Ministry was instrumental in the conversion of many christians who decided to come home to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

[Source: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops]

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