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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is the position of the Catholic Church regarding Halloween?

A. 1. The history of Halloween is found in different countries where they celebrated the spirit of the dead who were believed to be wondering around. Accordingly, the people offered food and drink to the dead. Such seemed to have a diabolical influence.

Commercially, Halloween is celebrated for financial profits. Large amounts of money is made from the sale of treats, costumes and decorations. This is over and above the income made by many from the sale of alcohol and the rental of facilities for parties.

As a substitute to celebrating Halloween, some Christian Churches, including the Catholic Church, began doing good deeds to assist UNICEF in its needs. Before long it was realized that UNICEF became an undesirable organization to support because of its activities related to abortion and contraceptives.

"Hallow" means blessed. This word is found in the Lord's Prayer where we say "Hallowed be Your name." In view of this and considering the fact that Halloween is on the eve of "All Saints' Day" which is celebrated on November 1st, Catholics should direct their attention towards the Catholic Feast. This provide a great opportunity for parents and teachers to educate children about the saints in Heaven. This is also a great opportunity to remind children of the Feast of our dearly departed that is celebrated on November 2nd, "All Soul's Day."

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