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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. I know we can pray for a lot of things. But is it alright to pray for money? If God grants such a request, I would be able to help those who are starving in Africa.

A. 1. You can pray for whatever you. It does not mean that God shall grant your request. God answers prayers that are beneficial to the individual's spiritual growth according to the Divine Will.

The Holy Bible is full of examples of how Jesus answered prayers, chasing away evil spirits, healing the sick or raising the dead. In all of these instances, it was done quietly, not for fame.

While money can be a tool to help many, it is also the source of many evils. If you want to help the poor, there are many ways of doing so. Have you considered gathering some people to implement a program to collect boxcars of rice or food to send to Africa? Or how about collecting clothing for the needs of the poor? Or how many raising money for medication for those who suffer from AIDS? Then again, providing some kind of needs for the orphans of Africa who's parents have died from AIDS? There are many things that you can do to help the poor without having God shower money upon you from Heaven. If you wait for God for this kind of need, you may wait forever. Logically, it would be more beneficial to implement your own source of income to help the needy.

As they say, "Help yourself and Heaven shall help you." Start a program and trust in God to send you volunteers and donations according to the need.

If the above answer does not please you, you are free to pray for money. After all, Jesus said, "Ask and you shall receive." [Matthew 7:7] God knows your spiritual and physical needs. He does not take offense when one of his children, sometimes in moments of weakness, makes a request.

When praying for money, remember that there is an order in which one must pray. First, begin by praising God and thanking Him for all past blessings. Pray as Jesus taught us, "Our Father, hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done!" Then pray for others prior to asking for your needs. Finally, pray for your spiritual needs before requesting physical needs. This manner of praying embraces spiritual growth according to God's Divine Will.

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