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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is the Catholic Church position on homosexuals marrying one another?

A. 1. First of all, it is necessary to know that the teachings of the Catholic Church are pure in nature. The Catholic Church does not change its teachings according to the fads of the world as is implemented in many religions.

The Holy Bible teaches us that marriage is an alliance between a man and a woman, not between two people of the same sex. Canon Law # 1055 1. "The matrimonial covenant, by which a man and a woman establish between themselves a partnership of the whole of life and which is ordered by its nature to the good of the spouses and the procreation and education of offspring, has been raised by Christ the Lord to the dignity of a sacrament between the baptized."

One of the purposes of marriage is to procreate (to conceive). Same sex marriage is contrary to natural law. Homosexuals cannot transmit life according to God's Divine plan.

Humans cannot walk in the ways of God and in the ways of man at the same time. One is life, the other is death.

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