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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. I get very annoyed with the practice of Church accouncements during the Mass. Sometimes, these announcements go on and on. Other times, a speaker is brought in to talk for five minutes. In the meantime, some of the faithful are leaving the Church prior to receiving the blessing from the priest and being dismissed because of this abuse of the liturgy. Are all these announcements allowed during the liturgy?

A. 1. The answer to your question is "No!"

Any announcement made prior to the blessing and dismissal of the faithful by the priest is an abuse of the liturgy. As sad as it is to say, a large number of priest (including their Bishops) believe that they are allowed to continually introduce personal innovations and experimentation to the Holy Mass. They refuse to accept the fact that no one has a right to subjectively make any changes or deviations from the prescribed norms of the liturgical texts.

During their training, priests are taught that when they are reading the liturgical texts, they are to say what is in black and do what is in red. “Therefore no other person whatsoever, not even a priest, may add, remove, or change anything in the liturgy on their own authority” (Vatican II, Sacrosanctum Concilium, #22.3).

Why is such not happening? There are a number of reasons. Some priest are not loyal to the Vatican. Some bishops believe that they can do anything they want to do in their Diocese. Some priest have total disregard (disrespect) towards the teachings of the Church. Some are ignorant of the teachings of the Church. Some seek inovations because they are spiritually dead. And the list goes on. Whatever the reason, they are all shameful reflections upon the Catholic Church.

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