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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is "temporal punishment?"

A. 1. "Temporal punishment" is God's loving, corrective punishment like medicine a mother gives a child. This punishment is given either on earth or in purgatory.

Q. 2. How is this punishment given to us on earth?

A. 2. When you receive the Sacrament of Confession, you receive one of two punishments. If you have unforgiven mortal sins, you receive the eternal punishment of hell. If you have forgiven venial and mortal sins, you receive a penance which serves as a temporal punishment for them. The Sacrament of Confession does not always take away all temporal punishment.

Q. 3. How do I satisfy God's debt of temporal punishment to repair any damge done to my soul by sin?

A. 3. To satisfy God's debt in this world (instead of in purgatory), it can be done through the penance received at confession, through prayers, attending Holy Mass, fasting, almsgiving, the works of mercy, the patient enduring of sufferings and through indulgences.

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