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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. I heard there are sins against the virtue of charity? What are those sins?

A. 1. The main sins against the virtue of Charity are:

Hatred of God. Examples of this are those who say they hate God because he allows people to suffer or those who resent the spiritual teachings of Jesus against being wordly.

Hatred of one's neighbour. Examples of such hatred can be related to dogs barking through the night, cats using the lawn as their personal toilet and discovering that the garden has been dug out. Other examples are accusing the neighbour of being the gossiping type or disliking the person's race or culture.

Envy. This means the resenting of another person's success because we are not as successful outselves. This is commonly found in competitive sports. Parents are known to implant this seed in their children, often at an early age.

Sloth. This means being lazy, refusing to do good to others, refusing to volunteer for Catholic charities, not speaking up against anti-Christian political decisions such as abortion or euthanasia.

Scandal. This means being a bad example to others, encouraging others to sin. That can consist of anything from adultery to talking during a Church service, especially during the Consecration.

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